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crowdfondue provides full service back office administration for both SPVs and VC funds. Clients range from crowdfunding platforms, to angel groups, investor networks and VC firms. Below are some of the administrative tasks our professionals handle on a daily basis:

SPV/Fund Formation

  • Form limited liability company (“LLC”) or limited partnership (“LP”) entity and hire registered agent
  • Prepare SPV/VC fund documentation
  • Perform a cursory examination of the portfolio company investment documents
  • Obtain a United States Federal Tax Identification Number
  • File a foreign entity registration in the applicable state
  • Optional: Form series LLC or LP structures to provide for scalability and additional savings

Securities Filings

  • File notice of the SPV/fund’s offering(s) with the SEC
  • Complete any applicable blue sky state filings

Fund Administration

  • Pay ongoing SPV fund expenses including the following:
    1 Taxes and registration of the entity in the state of organization
    2 Any taxes, registered agent fee, annual reporting fee, or similar amounts owed
    3 Any other expenses properly incurred/
  • Receive and remit to investors any distributions
  • Assist representing the SPV fund in decisions related to the investment in the Company and the Investors per direction from clients and/or third party advisors

Tax and K-1 Services