POMM: Privacy On My Mind

POMM - Privacy On My Mind

POMM is the world's first mini-computer that attaches to a users phone to keep their passwords, images, contacts, documents and other data private.

POMM is the world's first mini-computer you can attach to your phone to protect your privacy. Using patented technology and bio-metric security features like facial recognition software, POMM is able to store things like your passwords, images, contacts, call data, and documents so they never see the light of day unless you want them to! You can even surf the web privately with POMM.

The Problem

With increased dependence on smartphones in our modern society, users’ privacy is now at risk and data security is under attack. Cell phones and Cloud based systems are easily penetrated by hackers and we are basically defenseless. Unauthorized users may access your sensitive data and private information. Mobile applications, by nature, share your data with strangers. This leads to the loss of privacy, insecurity, private data breaches and fraud.

The Solution

POMM Inc. has invented a unique hardware case that bypasses cloud based systems, providing a security and privacy platform designed to protect the data in your mobile devices. POMM™ performs biometric authentication as well as implements advanced encryption algorithms. Data is stored in a local, private, and very secure cloud versus Internet-based clouds that are favorite targets of ID theft, hacker attacks and other cyberspace criminal abuse.

POMM is based on five elements:

  1. An isolated add-on electronic case device, connected to the smartphone through a USB connector;
  2. Advanced isolated biometric sensors to authenticate the rightful owner of the device;
  3. Friendly icon-based menus that enable easy management of all secure, private data;
  4. Full encryption of all stored data in the separate add-on case flash memory; and
  5. Physiological sensors, which confirm the user is not an imposter, is alive and not under coercion.

How Does It Work?

The POMM device is an independent computer inside the add-on electronic case of the phone. There are additional CPU, storage, bio-sensors and battery components, all separated and isolated from the electronic resources of the smartphone. The Add-on case is connected to the smartphone through a USB connector. This case can be operated only after the owner’s biometric authentication. Highest security is ensured by the fact POMM components are hardware-separate from smartphone components, except for the phone display used for user interactions.

Users have a full range of privacy management and secured application options to ensure separate secure storage and retrieval of passwords, text messages, emails, photos, videos, contacts, phone logs, sensitive documents and more - preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

POMM Usages


Protects your personal photos and videos from unfriendly eyes

Notes & Passwords

For your eyes only!


Keeps the contacts you don’t want to share absolutely PRIVATE

Secured Camera

Delivers the pictures and videos you take directly to your private Gallery


Secure messaging

Secured Dial

Eliminates the smartphone’s wide-open call log


Mostly targeting professional users and supported by the POMM’s vast storage capacity, this usage will protect and organize your private documents, enabling both full privacy and easy management.


Guards your correspondence against intrusive readers


Allows you to make your plans in perfect privacy

Why Is This The Right Timing For POMM?

Privacy has become a critical issue and major software applications have started to encrypt messages. Cloud privacy breaches, such as the case of actress Jennifer Lawrence’s photos, are frightening. POMM is a reliable solution to privacy issues, offering a secure place of your own and allows you to control the secure storage and manage your private, sensitive data and personal information. It protects your privacy from hackers as well as from any other “unwanted eyes.” You are the only one that decides what and when to access and use your data. Recent headlines on the FBI vs. Apple case illustrate that, even in today’s environment of domestic and international terrorism, the majority of the U.S. population are not willing to sacrifice their privacy.

POMM Roadmap & Milestones


POMM’S Target Markets

POMM targets the immense market of mobile phone users. This market size is over 5 Billion users worldwide and is growing at a steep rate annually. Mobile phone usage worldwide is growing at 58% year over year.

POMM will be distributed by mobile operators as well as mobile accessories distributors. The market of mobile accessories in the US alone reached over $81 Billion in 2015 and grows 5% annually.

POMM at first stage is a stand-alone device so the target market is consumer mobile phone users. POMM is presently targeting several population sectors: early-adopter consumers, those focused on data control and privacy, and professionals (doctors, lawyers, brokers, senior managers and accountants).

POMM roadmap includes participation in the European prestigious PCAS project. As a second phase POMM is to be integrated with various high security service providers' systems, such as healthcare and banking. This will open additional huge target markets for POMM, such as Enterprises, Healthcare institutions, Banks and more.

Why Is POMM Inc. Equity Crowdfunding?

POMM is ready to go to market and is currently raising $10 million by selling shares via Reg. A+ Equity Crowdfunding to begin mass production and achieve market penetration.

Why Invest In POMM Inc.?

POMM technology is a unique solution with huge market potential. There is a true need in the market for a mobile phone security and privacy solution and POMM patent-protected technology is currently the only solution that can answer this need. Hundreds of millions of computer-age, modern economy cell phone users worldwide who want to feel secure in accessing, managing, and updating their digital data files need POMM. This is your opportunity to become a shareholder in a promising company owning strong technology and immense growth potential.

Why are we Using Investor Crowdfunding?

POMM believes in sharing its success with potential customers and supporters. We are targeting to bypass venture capital funds and private equity groups and offer directly to you the chance to become a shareholder of our promising company and technology. POMM intends to pursue an IPO in the future and this is your opportunity to be an early-stage investor and participate in round A equity raise. POMM has strong IP backed by multiple patents in the United States and internationally.

Offering Summary

  • We are raising $10M by offering ~802,065 shares, which will represent 35.7% of company (22.4% of the company on a fully diluted basis).
  • We are offering shares in units, at $498.80 per unit. Each unit consists of 40 shares at $12.47 value per share.

The Team

Gila Fish

Founder & Chairperson

M.Sc, System Analyst for more than 30 years. An IT Management professional, active Director in Public companies.

David Freidenberg


MBA, 15 years of experience in executive roles in the IT & telecommunication industry including CEO, VP Sales & business development.

Avner Korman


M.Sc, MBA, 30 years of experience in building & managing Hi-Tech ventures.

Abby Drue

President and marketing strategist

PhD, 40 years of achievements & work experience in the international arenas of marketing strategy, communications and public relations.



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* One becomes an investor in POMM: Privacy On My Mind only after we approve the subscription and receive payment.


POMM Inc. unveils new Android and iPhone Security and Privacy Solution – a must-have add on to any smartphone user. POMM (Privacy on My Mind™) is a mini-computer encased inside a durable cell phone case that performs biometric authentication and offers secured storage and extended battery operation. Customers receive all-day power, six times more built-in local encrypted data storage as well as secured apps for sharing files. Invest today!





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