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The Problem – High risk births

In the birth process a woman experiences much strain, she has the tendency to clench her jaw which prevents the free flow of oxygen and she finds it hard to push effectively as is required during the procedure of labor

Specially in Epidural births, when a women has no feeling in the lower part of her body and there is a higher risk of the baby getting stuck in the birth canal

Affective pushing can assist in avoiding a hazardous situation for both mother and baby that can lead to surgical intervention such as a C-section, or the use of a vacuum machine, in order to get the baby out of the birth canal safely.

The solution - Laboraide

Laboraide - a cushioned medical oral device, which is placed between the woman's jaws during birth, enhancing the core muscles performance through the flow of oxygen to the body, decreasing the risk of emergency operative intervention.

Beilinson hospital, one of the leading Hospitals in Israel, conducted a clinical trial to examine the impact Laboraide has on the pushing stage. The results of this trial demonstrated a decrease in the risk of needing vacuum or C-sections.

Researchers concluded that using Laboraide allows for more effective pushing there by, reducing the risks of the baby getting stuck in the birth canal.

How it works

How it works

Major Scientific Results

In 2014, Belinson Hospital, one of Israel’s largest hospitals, conducted a clinical study, examining the impact of using Laboraide during the second stage of labor (known as the pushing stage).

The maximal length of the second stage is 3 hours, after which the necessity of obstetrical intervention arises.

The study demonstrated a major decrease in the need for emergency obstetrical intervention in the second stage of labor.

  • Reduction in the surpassing of the maximal 3 hours’ limit: Reduction in the rate of surpassing the 3 hours limit from 24.5% to 8.6%.
  • Reduction of Cesarean Section: Reduction in the rate of emergency cesarean sections from 6.4% to 1.2% as a result of the baby getting stuck in the birth canal.
  • Reduction of Vacuum Deliveries: Reduction in the rate of operative vaginal delivery (Vacuum) from 28.2% to 12.3%.


Laboraide – Target market

Medivie targets the pregnancy and birth market, focusing on labor.

The annual US pregnancy and baby care retail market stands at $45 billion.

The C-section rate in the U.S stands at 33% of which only 15% are necessary. Medivie will try to reduce the outstanding18% of unnecessary C-section procedures.

Women are educated about their pregnancy and birth processes through platforms including birthing classes, Doulas & Nurses guidance as well as printed and online professional literature.

Medivie has identified those platforms for marketing, education, and sales for Laboraide.

Laboraide will be distributed by pharmaceutical chains and baby stores.

Medivie – Roadmap & Milestone

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Initial penetration into the North American market. Enhancing Laboraide sales in the US market. Enhancing Laboraide/Feedaide sales in the US market Laboraide/Feedaide become a brand in the US market Laboraide, Feedaide & Migrainaide become a brand in the US and Canada
Initial penetration of Feedaide into the US market Initial penetration of Migrainaide into the US market. Enhancing Migrainaide sales in the US market
Initial penetration into the Canadian market Enhancing Laboraide/Feedaide sales in the Canadian market.

Medivie – R&D

Over the past thirty years, extensive clinical research which examines the effects of using oral devices on muscle strength, pain and stress relief has been conducted. All researchers have reached a common conclusion – placing an oral device between the upper and lower jaw prevents the automatic contraction of jaws resulted from the stress or the pain, allowing subjects to relax their facial muscles and get a sense of general relaxation, improving the body's isometric strength and generally easing the body's activity – whether it is sport or a medical treatment.

Based upon the clinical study, Medivie specializes in the development and marketing of oral devices in the following areas:

Birth – Reduce pain in birth – Medivie has been conducting a clinical study with the collaboration of Ichilov hospital, one of the leading hospital in Israel, to examine the impact of a unique oral device on the reduction of the sensation of pain during birth.

By placing an oral device in the mouth, it keeps the respiratory system open, elevates the oxygen flow into the body and reduces the mother's stress level.

The level of Cortisol, which is secreted at times of stress, decreases whilst the level of Beta-endorphins, the body's natural pain killer, increases. This assists the mother deal in a better manner with the pain.

Migraines - Medivie is working on the development of a unique dental device which allows the relaxation of the head muscles, prevents the contraction of jaw muscles and increases the flow of blood to the brain for preventing and easing migraines.

Concentration and Cognitive Function - The development of a dental device designed to pressure the jaws in order to improve concentration and cognitive activity.

Development of Mouth and Gingival Structure - The company develops a modular pacifier which ensures the proper development of the mouth structure and prevents future damage to the child's gingival structure and teeth.

Why Is this the right timing for Medivie?

Many resources go into ensuring the safety of mother and baby during childbirth.

Medivie has developed ‘Laboraide’, a cushioned oral device allowing the strengthening of core muscles through the flow of oxygen to the body, leading to more efficient pushing, thus preventing the baby from getting stuck in the birth canal, and reducing the need for operative interventions, such as C-section and vacuum delivery.

The outstanding results of Medivie’s recent clinical trials demonstrate a reduction in surgical intervention during birth and, consequently, reduced risks and fewer demands on hospital resources.

Medivie has achieved and will continue to aim to achieve, further medical breakthroughs in related fields, which will help the company grow and create additional value for the investors.

Why Is Medivie ltd. Equity Crowdfunding?

Medivie is ready to go to market and is currently raising $10 million by selling shares via Reg. A+ Equity Crowdfunding to achieve market penetration.

Why Medivie?

Laboraide, Medivie’s first oral device which reduces operative intervention at time of Laboraide, has a huge market potential. There is a true need in the market for Medivie which is currently the only solution that can answer this need for reduction in operative intervention at time of labor. This is your opportunity to become a shareholder in a promising company owning strong technology and immense growth potential through the Laboraide and the future oral devices to come which will provide medical solutions in additional disciplines.

Why are we Using Investor Crowdfunding?

Medivie believes in sharing its success with potential customers and supporters. We are targeting to bypass venture capital funds and private equity groups and offer directly to you the chance to become a shareholder of our promising company and technology. Medivie may pursue an IPO in the future and this is your opportunity to be an early-stage investor and participate in round A equity raise. Medivie has strong IP backed by multiple patents in the United States and internationally.

The Team

Joshua Rurka


Founder and owner of Capital International Group. Has 18 years of experience in the establishment and management of international companies both in the private and public sectors.

Professor Laurence Bruce Lovat

Chief Scientist of Medivie Group

Professor Laurence B Lovat is Reader in Gastroenterology and Laser Medicine at UCL and Consultant Gastroenterologist at UCLH. He qualified at UCL having intercalated in Nutrition. He has lectured in 10 countries, served on the esophageal and research committees of the British Society of Gastroenterology, Imaging & Advanced Technology Committee of the American Gastroenterology Association, and is a specialist advisor to NICE.

Dwight Anderson


Ph.D., Organizational Communication, Rutgers University, 2013. Over 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and general strategy for children's products.

Mark Corrao

B.S. Degree in Public Accounting from the City University of New York - Brooklyn College. Mark is a Managing Director at The CFO Squad since 2013 and has over 30 years of experience in accounting and leading companies financially.

Ben Rael-Brook


MBA in Finance and International Marketing. 17 years of experience in Business Management and Sales.

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Medivie USA Inc. was founded in 2016 by Medivie Therapeutic ("Medivie") – a company that specializes in developing and distributing Medical oral devices which help reduce operative interventions during labor.

Medivie therapeutic was founded by Dr. Anthony Lovat, the owner of OPRO, a British company, which is currently one of the world's leading manufacturers of personally customized dental shields.

Medivie is currently at the research and development stage and will perform further trials in additional disciplines:


Medivie is working on the development of a unique medical oral device which allows the relaxation of the head muscles, prevents the contraction of jaw muscles and increases the blood flow to the brain which will assist to prevent and ease migraine pains.

Concentration and Cognitive Function

The development of a medical oral device designed to reduce pressure on the jaws which may assist to improve concentration and cognitive activity (still in R&D stage).

Medivie has an extensive distribution network in Asia, Africa and Europe. The company has all the relevant regulatory approvals such as: FDA (class 1), CE, Canada FDA, AMAR (Israeli ministry of health).