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Rewards and Perks Crowdfunding Sites Available It was never easier to launch a crowdfunding portal with myriad unbeatable customization portal thanks to crowdfondue!

Customization Options

crowdfondue comes with innumerable configuration and customizable options to provide you with a truly unique and defensible portal where we cover the entire technical aspect ourselves for you!

Cutting Edge and User Friendly

In spite of being extremely easy to understand and use, our path-breaking technology provides dozens of proprietary features with the latest third party integrations. With our innovative drag and drop website builder, you don’t have to worry a bit about building a new site (in case you still have not made). Available on all platforms and mobile, all you need to stay right ahead of others in the curve is seek the services of crowdfondue and make use of our robust functionality and design.

Ready NOW with a better ROI

At crowdfondue, we do all the hard work for you so that you can fully concentrate on your deals by saving more time. Our team makes sure that your portal achieves success faster and with lesser difficulties. All you need to do is customize your portal and pay for exactly what you need.

It’s Less Expensive

Unlike other providers who tend to advertise low fees and nickel, crowdfondue offers you subscriptions as well as value-based options that are tailored according to the needs of each of our clients. We include all the features for best support to your portals at an overall much lower cost of ownership.

General Features


Admin Dashboard, Issuer Dashboard, and Investor Dashboards. Charts too. Get the details on your sites’ users, transactions, and trends that drive your business and the project owners’ ability to succeed. You’re in the know and in control.

Social Media Ready

Manage “One Click Sign Up” from popular social media networks. (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). Share projects easily with a sharing bar after checkout and prominently placed on the project page. Use the “Embed” Widget to embed a project’s tombstone on another website to drive free clicks to your portal.

Admin Backoffice

Intuitive navigation with the most complete set of standard features makes for managing your end-users, projects, contributors, and settings. On a single screen you can easily view statistics, trends, and monitor key portal activities. Track Transactions, Users, Activity, real-time project status. Approve or decline uploads, forms, projects, and much more.


Smart rules for project duration, minimum and maximum funding amounts, workflows, emails, and hundreds more, we have more options than anybody.

Mobile Ready

Whether your users use a tablet, smartphone, or PC, users will always have the ideal crowdfunding experience. Our default theme was designed from the ground up to be ready for any device using Bootstrap 3 (the latest mobile ready framework). All you need to do is add your logo and customize some text and pictures to go live on all devices.


Configure automatic transactional emails to send appropriate portal and project updates with ease. Customize your HTML emails with dynamic text and your logo/branding. Built-in messaging and update system in addition to the MailChimp marketing integration.

Export Data

Export your users, project and transactions anytime so you can manage and filter your data as you need and then take action on the results.

YouTube & Vimeo integration

Embed video almost anywhere you want by cutting and pasting, videos have been proven to be highly effective in crowdfunding so we highly recommend them.

Search & Search filters

Search for projects or use any of the pre-existing filters to view projects that are most funded, etc.

Website Builder

Use our point and click website builder to add your own content and images to your site or customize everything with our front-end source code package.

Professional Support

Our team of experts is ready to provide live support when you need us. Whether it’s technical, launch, or project management, crowdfondue’s support teams are here to provide guidance when you need it, including on call 24/7 availability with escalation plans for any issue that persists past a predetermined amount of time.

Launch Support

We offer every new client a project management tool with timelines, checklists, knowledge bases, and launch support to help you get off the ground running. Our proprietary 100+ step launch process will ensure everything is as easy as possible for your team. Launch faster, with less headaches.